Epic and grandiose rock music from the capital of Denmark. Boys From Heaven is a seven member rock group, and with elements like soaring lead guitars; wide, luscious vocal harmonies; dominating piano riffs and heroic saxofon solos, the band possesses a rock solid catalogue of original rock music.

Boys From Heaven draws inspiration from the 70's and 80's rock scene, with bands like Toto and Journey, as well as from the more “classic" rock scene, with legends like the Who. The band's music manages to be unique and innovative, whilst also being reminiscent of a time when music was more ambitious, more varied and most importantly, more FUN! Who says that songs in the major key can’t have a soulful shred solo? Not Boys From Heaven, that’s for sure!"


Live Session

Boys From Heaven's latest release is a live session straight from their rehearsal room in Copenhagen.

EP - No Way! But Anyway

Boys From Heaven's EP No Way! But Anyway was released in 2017, to critical acclaim. They are currently working on their debut album, which will be released later this year.

Bands of Tommorow

"Boys From Heaven's sound is already in these early stages of their career so well shaped that it is hard to see how the record companies haven't already noticed them."



"It's really smooth rock 'n' roll that even Huey Lewis would have liked, but there are several other bands you can hear that Boys From Heaven are influenced by: Toto, Hall and Oates and Journey are three."



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